Castello Calcione


Tuscany is full of thermal springs that have been used for their curative powers as far back as Roman times. What better way to regenerate your mind and body than to relax in the hot thermal waters of a spa... The spa centers, whether big or small, are well organized and well kept. They usually consist of several outdoor pools with water of different temperatures depending on the proximity to the source. The water in different areas has a different mineral content, hence the link with different renown curative qualities. Some Tuscan spa are famous since Etruscan times.

Many offer massages, sulphurous or mud baths, inhalations, nebulizations, soft gym, beauty and wellness treatments. The springs are often located in places of great cultural interest and landscape beauty. For a relaxing, healthy, fun and really enjoyable moment.

Terme Antica Querciolaia di Rapolano
15 min. drive
Via Trieste, 22
Phone +39 0577 724091

Terme di San Giovanni di Rapolano
15 min. drive
Loc. Terme di San Giovanni
Phone +39 0577 724039

Terme di Montepulciano
40 min. drive
Localit??? S. Albino
Phone +39 0578 7911

Terme di Sarteano (Siena)
40 min. drive
Parco delle Piscine ??? Bagno Santo
via del Bagno Santo, 29
Phone +39 0578 26971

Chianciano Terme
45 min. drive
Phone +39 0578 68111

Terme Bagni di Petriolo Monticiano
45 min. drive
Phone +39 0577 1606059

Terme Bagni San Filippo
1 hour drive
Castiglione d???Orcia
In unpolluted nature, the sulphur water gushes out of the rocks, leaving sculptures of white and hard bubbles and green embroideries on the water and the rocks themselves
Phone +39 0577 872982

San Casciano dei Bagni
1 hour drive
Fonteverde Natural Spa Resort
Localit??? Terme 1
Phone +39 0578 57241

Bagno Vignoni
1 hour drive
The heart of the village ??? Piazza delle Sorgenti ??? is a rectangular water basin dating back to the 16th century, where a source of hot water 50???C (120???F) rises from the underground aquifer of volcanic origins. Since the Etruscans and the Romans, many eminent personalities ??? such as Pope Pius II, Saint Catherine of Siena and Lorenzo the Magnificent ??? visited Bagno Vignoni.

Terme Bagni delle Galleraie
1 hour drive
Radicondoli (Siena)
Phone +39 0577 793151

Terme di Saturnia
2 hours drive
Manciano (Grosseto)
The warm sulphurous waters of Saturnia have been cherished for more than 3,000 years. 800 litres per second of sulphurous water at 38???C (100???F) gushes into large natural ponds, flowing over a waterfall and down to a series of natural pools carved in the rock. Phone +39 0564 600111

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